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Our QUADRANT DVB-T MODULATOR is available as a SINGLE or DUAL channel unit!
This is a complete, boxed product including PSU, which accepts baseband PAL or NTSC video (composite VIDEO or S-VIDEO format), plus stereo sound on PHONO sockets. Output is in the UHF band, via. a 75 Ohm F connector. Channel number E21-E69 can be selected by using the front panel Keypad and Display. (Rear view of Dual unit shown)
QUADRANT DVB-S MODELS are now available! Call or email for more information.
"It is now possible to deliver a high standard of signal without the level of complexity and expense that have to date been incurred by professional equipment. Our solutions are ideal for cost-effective local closed-circuit video or sound only distribution."
Video input is standard 1V composite via. PHONO socket, or alternatively S-Video via. Mini-DIN socket. Audio is via. PHONO sockets. The RF output is fed from a standard F-type coaxial connector. The whole unit is powered by an external 12V DC plug-top power supply.
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Photograph above shows the DVB-T Constellation generated by our Quadrant Modulator. We are grateful to BBC Laboratories in London for use of their test facilities during the development phase of our product.
Small to medium volumes are available from stock, larger volumes to order as required.

SINGLE CHANNEL Quadrant DVB-T Modulator standard price £325 + VAT,
DUAL CHANNEL version (2 x Video & 2 x Stereo In) only £450 + VAT,
19" Rack Mounted Dual version (~to special order~) £650 + VAT.

Call 0161 820 9250 or email to place an order,
or you can order using PayPal here (includes carriage and VAT)
OEM's can buy the circuit board in quantity - please enquire.
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