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Antennair is a privately owned Limited Company, (registration number 6977803) with our registered office and manufacturing facilities being co-located in a modern plant in the North West of England.

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Bankers: National Westminster Bank plc ("Nat West")

"Our design team has many years experience in analogue and digital systems design. We are able to produce bespoke solutions which are tailored to meet customers' requirements"
With on-site manufacturing and test, Antennair products are built to a very high standard. Quality starts with design and goes right through to the customer experience, with technical support to match the best in class.
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About Us
The Bridgewater Hall (shown to the right) is Manchester's prestigious home of the Halle Orchestra, the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and Manchester Camerata. One of the most fascinating aspects of the Hall’s construction is that the entire structure floats free of the ground on almost three hundred earthquake-proof isolation bearings or giant springs, so there is no rigid connection between the 22,500 ton building and its foundations. This ensures the Hall’s carefully designed acoustic is protected from all outside noise and vibration. You might not be surprised therefore that when the time came to upgrade their sound and video distribution system, they sought the best possible solution. They chose Antennair's Quadrant modulator from a specification standpoint, so permitting the existing UHF coaxial cable distribution wiring to carry high quality programme material. This meant that installation went smoothly, with no disruption to the structure, and costs were kept to a minimum.
We are proud to announce that Antennair has been chosen by the British Amateur Television Club (BATC) to supply both Single Channel and Dual Channel DVB-S Modulator kits into the Amateur TV Market.
The flexible design of our hardware has allowed a factory re-programming to extend the output frequency up into the GHz band, and firmware has been modified to permit several stored configurations in non volatile memory. To differentiate this variant, it is being marketed as a 'DTX1' by the BATC. Full support via. Antennair at www.dtx1.info
We welcome enquiries from similar overseas organisations and can design and supply apparatus to specific requirements. Please contact us for further details.
Prestigious deployment of Quadrant DVB-T Modulator
Antennair are delighted to report that the British Broadcasting Corporation have purchased a quantity of Dual Channel Quadrant DVB-T Modulators for studio use. Until now, some legacy analogue feeds were used to distribute PAL video within their TV studios, for monitoring and information purposes. In preparation for the European Elections programming it was decided to upgrade this infrastructure to Digital format. The order was placed directly on Antennair Limited and fulfilled within a very short timescale, and all the equipment is now up and running - or to quote a BBC Project Engineer, 'Firing on all cylinders - a very successful deployment'.
London's Royal Court Theatre order more Quadrants
The Royal Court Theatre, located in Sloane Square in London, has been described by the New York Times as 'the most important theatre in Europe'. We were therefore honoured to be chosen as suppliers of DVB-T Modulation equipment, and following a trial installation last year, Antennair have now been selected to provide rack mounted Quadrants (see photo) to provide multiple channels of video and audio distribution.